The construction in the buildings / sites situated in the Cantonment can only be carried out as per the provisions of the Cantonment Act 1924 and New Land Policy as enunciated vide Ministry of Defence letter No.11013/1/87/D (Lands)/Vol.II dated 09.02.1995 for various land tenures. Different rules of construction are applicable to different land tenures. The permission to construct a building depends upon the type of construction and area of construction and varies with the type of land tenure. 

Who can apply

Only a recorded holder of occupancy rights (HOR) can apply for permission to carryout construction in any type of land tenure. For this the name of the applicant must be recorded in the GLR of the Cantonment Board or DEO, Agra. 


General Application Form Building Application Form required under section 179 

Construction which can be carried out by the HORs of the building without taking permission from the Cantonment Board
– Any construction which is not covered by the definition of building as given in section 2(iv) of the Cantonment Act. and
– Any construction which is not covered by the definition of erection / re-erection of a building as given in section 179 (2) of the Cantonment Act. 

Permissible Construction for different land tenures 
Construction which cannot be carried by the HOR without permission of the Executive Officer/Board