1. Mathura was first occupied by the british under General lake in oct 1803. This Occurred after his victory over the Marathas at delhi and his subsequent march to Agra. His success at agra compelled the Marathas Chief Scindia to sign a treaty Whereby Mathura and other Districts were acceded to the British. There were further Engagements with another Marathas force under Holkar a year later. After the cessation of hostilities in 1804 the British troops were stationed West of river Yamuna thus establishing Mathura Cantt.

2. There is a grave in the cantt. Cemetry of Brigadier General Frith who was commanding the Agra-Mathura Frontier in 1810.

3. The civil District of Mathura was formed in 1824, with Mathura becoming the Headquaters in 1832.

4. The Royal Artillary training centre (RATC) was stablised at Mathura Cantt. In 1935.

5. In 1965 Headquaters 1 Corps move from Varansi to Mathura.

6. In 1966 Arty Depot and Records move from Mathura to Nasik.

7. In 1981 502 AD Gp (SP) & 98 AD Gp (SP) work-shop were raised in Mathura.