Street Lighting

In Mathura Cantonment MES has been supplying and distributing only qtrs of safaiwala & office Electricity supply in the Station, C.F. Properties/Assets located in Cantonment. The local Army formations, as well as MES establishment, have been insisting to pursue the UPPCL for transfer and to augment/take over Electricity Supply of Civil Areas & C.F. Properties.

Since electricity infrastructure of adequate capacity is now available, the residents of civil areas are being given proper power connections from the UPPCL and billing/electricity charges are being directly realized by the office of Executive Engineer, Electricity Urban Distribution Division-I (EUDD-I), Mathura

As such requisite information regarding Electricity connections and Billing pertaining to civil areas of Cantonment may be obtained from the office of Executive Engineer, Electricity city Distribution Division-I (UPPCL-I-Imathura)

Presently the Cantonment Board is maintaining 899 street light points in civil areas, public places and gardens and also installed EIGHT High Mast lights (16 metre) at Golf course, Basantur park, Maharana Pratap park,Aligarh chauraha, Motikunj colony, Regimental Bazar, Ahata seth,Nai basti, & Khathik Mohalla (inside notified civil area)Copyright (c) All rights reserved. Maintained by Cantonment Board Mathura